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Sto Cristo Chapel

The Chapel of Santo Cristo or Holy Christ was built in the 16th century more or less in the centre of the Jerónimos Monastery enclosure. It was one of three chapels specifically designed for retreat and meditation by the monks. Only two - Santo Cristo and São Jerónimo - remain; the third chapel, dedicated to Mary Magdalene, fell into ruin in the 18th century.
According to historians of the Hieronymite Order, in front of the chapel's portal was a pleasant walk with benches and decorative garden elements, a pond and a small underground vaulted house.
Following the closure of the religious orders in 1833, the Monastery and all its facilities were occupied by the charitable institution, Real Casa Pia de Lisboa.
In 1953 part of the Monastery's land on the Restelo slope was cleared for an urban development project which included the stadium of the Belenenses football team. This project resulted in the demolition of several structures around the Monastery.
Source: DGEMN