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Tower Workshops


These activities are not available for the time being


School year activities:

"Pirates in the Tower!" Workshop (Pre-school) - 40 children. What did Pirates do? What kind of treasures did they seek? Using the space of a defence tower (Tower of Belém), this workshop introduces children to the types of weaponry used in the 16th century. After the guided tour, an interactive story presents the life of those bandits of the seas - the pirates.

"The Voyage of Nuno Tristão" Workshop (Pre-school and Primary School, Years 1 to 4) - 40 pupils. Based on the story "The Voyage of Nuno Tristão", the children learn about life about a 16th-century ship and then create their own logbook imagining a journey on such a ship, just like the story's hero.

"Discovering New Worlds" Workshop (Primary School, Years 4, 5 and 6) - 40 pupils. Elephants, corn, pearls... these are some of the products traded by the Portuguese in the era of the Discoveries. In this workshop the children make an imaginary voyage on a ship to discover some of the products that contributed to transforming Europe and the World at the time.

"Come Discover the Tower" Workshop (Primary School, Years 4, 5 and 6) - 30 pupils. After a guided tour of the Tower of Belém, the children complete a large-scale jigsaw puzzle of the Tower by solving playful tasks related with the history of the Tower and the different spaces they visited.


School Holiday Activities:

"Discovering the Tower of Belém" Detective Game: Based on the ever-popular treasure hunt, this game encourages children to explore the Tower and learn a little more about Portuguese history in a fun way.

"The Enigma of the Tower" Detective Game (ages 6 to 13): Through games the children learn curious facts about the Tower of Belém while helping the Tower Governor, Gaspar de Paiva, to solve a mystery left by the pirate Mau Mau...